About us

SKOR WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE, a division of Colabor is an Ontario-based system of cash-and-carry stores.


We sell food and non-food products at wholesale price points to over 5,000 businesses the restaurant, banquet hall, convenience store, cafeteria and other food related sectors.Customers also include caterers, snack bars, mobile canteens, discount stores, variety stores, and convenience stores.

There are three SKOR WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE branch stores in Ontario.

SKOR WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE has achieved business success by following three principles in its day-to-day operations, that is, to provide:

  • A vast range of products
  • Extremely competitive price points
  • Outstanding customer service


By treating all customers, however large or small, with care and respect, we have built over the years a loyal customer base that continues to grow.

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SKOR is a division of Colabor